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Cairns Summer Smart Wine Buys

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

As the third week of January sets in and a long weekend around the corner, I am sure many of you are eyeing out the cellar/ wine fridge/kitchen cupboard and wondering how did all that wine disappear over the festive season?

Drinking good doesn’t mean drinking expensive. Even more so when it comes to drinking international wines.

Below I present 3 of my favourite international crowd-pleasers that are currently available from your local Uncle Dans around Cairns.


Ah, the international sparkling wine aisle … were all those expensive champagnes hang out!

Venture down that aisle, and you will find this sensational Crémant de Limoux. In a nutshell, Crémant means that the wine has been fermented in the traditional bottle method. Wonderfully approachable with ripe stone fruit with a fine mousse and crisp finish. Uncle Dans Members promo at $12.90 per bottle. How do they sell it for this low?


Don’t let the foreign name put you off. Picpoul is one of the superstar grapes of Frances Languedoc region. With its refreshing acidity, ripe citrus flavours and a long elegant finish this is a perfect tipple to enjoy in the Cairns tropical summer. Give the Sav Blanc a break and try this great expression of this lesser-known grape. At $15 a bottle, it’s a steal


The Southern Rhone offers so many wonderful wines at great prices. Reds from the Côtes-du-Rhône are a blend of Grenache and Shiraz and deliver solid medium-bodied wines that are great all-rounders. Enjoy this elegant blend slightly chilled around the weekend BBQ – Happy Days. At $17 a bottle, you can’t go wrong

All of the reviews above are of my own opinion and not sponsored.

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